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You have the power to transform the world by being authentically YOU  

Embrace your unique gifts, align with your soul’s mission, and step into your power. Now is the time that we can create a ripple effect of positive change and elevate the collective consciousness


Hey there, Light Leader!

Welcome to your ultimate hub for holistic biz growth and soul evolution. If you’re here, it’s because you’re ready to step into your power, align your business with your soul’s mission and anchor it in the 5th dimension to create some serious impact. I see you, I hear you, and I’m here to help you crush it on this journey.

What I Offer

My services are all about activating and supporting your business and your personal evolution into the 5th dimension. Each offering mixes spiritual depth (the feminine) with practical strategies (the masculine) , so you can thrive in every aspect of your life and biz.

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Your light is needed now more than ever.
it is your responsibility to Heal Evolve and Lead

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Ignite Your Inner Fire & Embrace Your Journey of Self Expansion

Master Your Energy, Create a Business in Total Alignment

Ready to align your biz with 5D principles and activate your true purpose? The Evolve Program is where it’s at! Over 8 transformative weeks, you’ll master your energy to create a business that supports you and is in total alignment with your mind-body constitution. Say goodbye to burnout and overwhelm. This program is designed to help you build a business that fully supports your energy body and nervous system. Activate your soul mission and lay the foundation of your 5D business with weekly live workshops, actionable assignments, and an amazing community.

Rejuvenate and Restore.
14 Day Mind,Body,Spirit Cleanse

Deep Dive into Building and Growing Your 5D Business

For the ambitious go-getters who want to take their biz strategy to the next level while staying true to their spiritual path. The Leaders of Light Mastermind is a 6-month journey where we dive deeper into building and growing your 5D business. Get personalized coaching, strategic insights, and connect with a powerhouse community of like-minded leaders. Enjoy accountability, multidimensional strategy, and a ton of resources and tools to support your personal, spiritual, and business journey.

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Workshops and Retreats

Immersive Experiences for Deep Transformation

Dive into immersive workshops and retreats that blend spiritual practices, business strategy, and holistic wellness. These events are designed to give you the tools, insights, and connections for some serious personal and professional leaps.

Client Love

I can't even explain how much this lady has helped me grow! She's been there for me as a person, a mother, a business woman, a friend. She's that angel that sits on your shoulder helping you to make the right decisions in life haha.

—  Wai  Tepu


Unlock the Path to Healing

Discover the transformative power of our FREE mini masterclass series, '3 Pillars to Heal Trauma.


Join us on this empowering journey as we guide you through our proven methodology, helping you unlock the path to healing and reclaim your life from the impact of trauma.

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