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Step into the 5D Era - Elevate Your Business and Soul!
DATES TBC @ Gold Coast

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Hey there, Visionary Leader!
Ready to transform your business and life in the 5D era?
Join us at IAMTruth™ and discover how to align your soul and business for a truly impactful journey.

High-end Mentorship, a transformative journey designed to support your continued healing and personal growth. This program offers a unique combination of powerful techniques, personalized guidance, and deep introspection, allowing you to align with your highest self and create a life of fulfillment and purpose.

evolve & amplfy 

Your Impact in the 5D Era

Immersive In-Person Live Event

Join us for a powerful, four-hour live event and step boldly into the new 5D business paradigm. Align your business with 5D principles and step into your highest potential.

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What You’ll Experience

5D Business Energetics

Transform your business approach with 5D principles.

IAMTruth™ 5D Energy Tool

Break through limitations with our powerful tool.

Activate Your Inner Courage

Overcome obstacles with confidence and purpose.

Connect with Your Tribe

Network with like-minded souls committed to higher consciousness.

Ready to Evolve and Amplify Your Impact and anchor in the 5th Dimension? 

This Event Is Perfect For You If

You’re a dedicated healer, lightworker, or conscious leader

You’re ready to lead and inspire a collective awakening with integrity and vision

You’re eager to break old patterns and embrace empowering, aligned actions

You want to elevate your business practices to resonate with 5D consciousness and amplify your impact

Tammy. F

Holistic Beauty Mentor

Bek. R

Evolution & Divine Feminine Mentor


VA & Tech support for Visionaries 

Secure your spot for just


Limited spots available to maintain an intimate and impactful experience

Ready to take the next step in your journey? Join us and ascend with your community!

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